Temp vs. Permanent Dental Hygienist: Dental Staffing Agency Helps You Decide

Temporary vs. Permanent Dental Hygienist


Dental practices are bustling with activity, from patient intake to inter-departmental collaboration. Dental staffing agencies play a crucial role in organizing recruitment and team management for dental clinics, allowing managers to focus on providing quality patient care. One of the most important considerations for dental staffing agencies is finding the balance between temporary and permanent staffing solutions for the dental practices they work with.

Why Do You Need a Dental Staffing Agency?

Dental staffing solutions are crucial for the success of your dental practice because they handle the team. Without a team, managing clinical procedures, setting patient appointments, and following through on their treatments would not be possible. Even if you were able to run your dental practice as a one-man army, the question remains: Will you be able to scale and grow the business?

And isn’t that the point? 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Dental Hygienist Staffing Agency

1. Scheduling Support:

If you are interested in utilizing temporary dental hygienist staffing solutions, you will most likely need scheduling support. Temporary dental hygienists are open to working shifts at varying times. It is the dental staffing agency’s job to schedule them for any sudden increase in appointments. This includes communicating the openings and making necessary arrangements for the appointments.

2. Building Candidate Network:

Dental staffing agencies already have a database of dental hygienists, as well as their schedules and preferences. This helps them navigate peak hours, absences, and emergencies effectively for dental practices.

3. Customized Solutions:

Permanent or temporary? Dental staffing agencies are not there to tell you which is better. That is for you to decide. But what dental staffing agencies can do is offer you customized staffing solutions that meet your specific needs. This helps bridge any gaps dental practices face with their distinct staffing requirements.

Difference Between Temporary and Permanent Staffing Solutions

Dental practices have to deal with varying intakes of patients. The requirements of a dental clinic also differ based on the scale of the practice. Another factor is the budget set aside by each clinic for recruitment purposes.

This is where temporary and permanent staffing solutions come in. To determine which option is ideal for your dental practice, we have to first explore the benefits that both options offer as well as the drawbacks.

Temporary Dental Hygienist Staffing Solutions

Are you considering temporary staffing of dental hygienists for your practice? Here are some of the key benefits you need to know about:


Temporary dental hygienist staffing is the perfect option for those who are catering to fluctuating demand for patient care. As a dental practice, having the option to hire people for temporary services is a great way to maintain smooth operations while sticking to a budget. For dental hygienists who are looking to make extra money or have family obligations, temporary dental hygienist staffing is a godsend.



If you are running a dental practice and are scared to take days off because you feel guilty about not attending to your patients, this is your sign to use temporary dental hygienist staffing solutions. You can easily find someone to cover for you, allowing you to take much-needed breaks.


Peak Hours:

In some cases, the patient volume may change dramatically due to unforeseen circumstances. Even if there are no emergencies, dental practices tend to experience peak hours. This is when having a helping hand or two can prove to be beneficial. A dental staffing agency can help with this sort of thing.


Cut Back on Costs:

As a new business, it is normal to struggle with cash flow. Maybe your practice is not at that point where you can hire permanent dental hygienists and offer full-time benefits. In that case, you can hire temporary dental hygienists to cover different shifts at your clinic. This will also allow you to tend to patients effectively without making financial commitments that your business cannot afford.

Permanent Dental Hygienist Staffing Solutions

Do you think permanent dental hygienist staffing is the way to go for your dental practice? Here are some of the key benefits you need to know about:


The reason why so many dental practices are looking for permanent dental hygienist staffing solutions is because of the stability associated with it. Having a consistent team that you and the patients have found compatibility with is crucial for the organization’s growth.


Building trust with your patients is very important. Patients do not return for specific treatments; they return because they trust who administered the treatment. Without a permanent staff, it is not possible to establish personalized treatment plans for patients.

Professional Development:

While temporary dental hygienist staffing helps dental hygienists achieve work-life balance, there is something to say about the weight of having worked with one organization long-term. It gives dental hygienist candidates an edge over other candidates in job interviews. Permanent dental hygienist staffing opens avenues for professional development such as certifications, mentorships, and training programs offered by the clinic to its permanent staff. 


Here’s a puzzler for you. What is more cost-effective, temporary dental hygienist staffing solutions or permanent dental hygienist staffing? We can make a case for both. But in this case, permanent dental hygienist staffing solutions may be the better choice. The reason is that the cost of recruitment, onboarding, and training can be a significant expense for dental practices. This is especially true for dental clinics that operate on a larger scale. With permanent dental hygienist staffing solutions, they can save money by lowering the turnover rate and increasing retention instead.



Are you ready to make a decision? We understand that the decision will vary for each dental practice. Deciding between temporary or permanent dental hygienist staffing solutions can be tricky. Mayday is here to guide you through the entire process and help you create a recruitment plan. 

Mayday offers a unique blend of strategy and support to dental hygienists and dental practices alike, allowing them to navigate the best course of action for their professional development.

As a reputable dental staffing agency, Mayday is here to help you grow and succeed. Get in touch today to learn more about Mayday Dental Staffing Agency.