How to Choose the Best Temporary Dental Staffing Agency

How to Choose the Best Temporary Dental Staffing Agency


Brief overview of the importance of choosing the right temporary dental staffing agency.

The field of dentistry is an increasingly dynamic one where teaming up with a temporary dental staffing agency has become a necessity. In order to grow your dental practice, you need to meet fluctuating patient volumes and ensure that the quality of service is maintained. Dental staffing agencies help dental practices streamline their staffing by ensuring that the practice is adequately staffed.

In this blog, we will discuss how temporary dental staffing agencies can help you maximize efficiency and minimize disruptions through flexible staffing solutions. Picking the right dental staffing agency for your dental practice is paramount, so here are some key considerations that allow your practice to pick the perfect staffing agency to partner with.

Key Qualities to Look for in a Temporary Dental Staffing Agency

Temporary dental staffing is about more than just filling in the gaps, although that is an important aspect. Temporary dental staffing gives your dental practice much-needed agility. Temporary dental staffing allows you to employ talented staff that ensures patient satisfaction, especially when there is an unexpected influx of demand for dental services. This is common for growing dental practices.

Dental staffing agencies allow dental professionals to find roles that are aligned with their schedules and preferences. This way, your dental practice is always adequately staffed, and dental professionals can find part-time roles that allow them to achieve work-life balance.

If you are in the market for a temporary dental staffing agency, then we recommend looking for the following qualities:

1. Experience

The first quality you should look for in a dental staffing agency is experience. Experience in the dental industry ensures that the agency has access to qualified candidates. With the right set of candidates, the agency can better facilitate temporary transitions smoothly. As a dental practice, you need to know that your practice is fully operational and fully equipped to meet fluctuating patient demand.

2. Flexibility

Another important quality that you should look for in a temporary staffing agency is how flexible they are when it comes to providing temporary staffing solutions. As a growing dental practice, you will be met with changing patient volumes, and the dental staffing agency in question should be able to provide you with temporary staffing solutions on short notice. Sometimes, this could also present itself as last-minute accommodations and changes in schedules. With a flexible approach to staffing, a dental staffing agency can help your dental practice adapt to patient volumes without having to compromise on patient satisfaction or efficiency.

3. Reliability

One reason why a dental practice may resort to using the help of a dental staffing agency to streamline recruitment is because they want to maintain a certain level of quality without taking on the administrative responsibilities that come with it. A temporary dental staffing agency will not only ensure that all candidates are pre-screened and vetted, but also provide a large pool of professionals to choose from, allowing your practice to find its ideal cultural fit. The most important quality to look for in a temporary staffing agency is reliability—being able to provide you with top-of-the-line professionals to fill temporary positions, even at a moment’s notice.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Temporary Dental Staffing Agency

If you are in the process of partnering with a temporary dental staffing agency, we recommend asking these questions to help you determine if the agency in question is the right fit for your dental practice.

What Is the Vetting Process for Dental Professionals?

It is important to understand how the agency ensures that only the best candidates are placed at your dental practices. Here are some of the ways in which a dental staffing agency should vet candidates. 

1. Application

Require dental professionals to provide necessary information such as resumes, certificates, licenses, and references.

2. Screening

The temporary dental staffing agency should ensure that all candidates meet the qualification requirements for the positions they are applying for.

3. Credentials

The credentials of a candidate should be verified by the agency to determine whether they are valid and updated.

4. Skills Assessment

If the position in question requires technical knowledge and expertise, the agency should conduct an assessment to determine proficiency.

5. References

The references of the candidates should be verified, especially regarding work history, performance, and professionalism.

6. Background Check

A background check should be conducted by the agency to ensure that the candidate does not have a criminal history, has not failed drug screenings, and has no policy violations on their record.

7. Interview

The interview is another opportunity for the temporary staffing agency to inquire if the candidates are suitable for the position. In many cases, the dental practice can provide a list of crucial questions to the agency that may help in the vetting process. These questions can also pertain to availability, communication practices, and more.

Evaluating Dental Staffing Agency Credentials and Reputation

In order to choose the best temporary dental staffing agency, you must find out if the agency you are partnering with is reputable. Here’s how you can ensure that.

Research Agency Credentials

You can research if the dental staffing agency is certified by the American Staffing Association’s Certified Staffing Professional (CSP). This indicates that the agency is committed to excellence and adheres to industry standards. You can also check to see if there are any state and federal regulations regarding employment practices, and whether or not the agency is compliant with all these requirements.

Assessing the Reputation of the Agency

You can also get an accurate picture of the kind of service you are getting by checking the reviews of the dental staffing agency. Whether it is Google My Business or the official website of the agency, it is important to get an understanding of how businesses and professionals describe their experience with them.

Comparing the services and the packages that are offered by different staffing agencies can also help you make an informed decision. You can draw up comparison charts that break down the strengths, specialties, and client feedback for three or more notable agencies, to find the best fit for your dental practice.

It is important to pick a temporary dental staffing agency that has a track record of providing excellent staffing services. Mayday Dental Staffing Agency offers staffing solutions to many renowned dental practices nationwide. This is a sign of a strong reputation and undeniable industry experience.


Selecting the right temporary dental staffing agency can be pivotal in the growing stages of your dental practice. By prioritizing quality and ensuring that your practice is adequately staffed for patient volume fluctuations, temporary dental staffing agencies act as a support system for your dental practice. We hope these tips helped you find a dental staffing agency that is ideal for your growth strategy. Mayday Dental Staffing is committed to streamlining your recruitment processes and powering the success of your dental practice by improving efficiency overall.

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