Implementing a Permanent Dental Staffing Strategy for Your Dental Practice: A Guide from Dental Staffing Experts


Dentistry has become a fast-paced, dynamic field where taking a strategic approach to permanent dental staffing is crucial for the success of the dental practice. With the right team, it is possible to scale a dental practice and sustain that growth even when the demand for dental services fluctuates.

But how do you develop a strategic approach to staffing?

Why You Need a Well-Structured Permanent Dental Staffing Strategy

A dental practice is run by reliable dental practitioners and dental administrative staff. Every role is important because it affects patient care and patient satisfaction. In order to ensure the smooth running of the practice, it is important to hire and retain permanent dental staff with the help of a structured staffing strategy.

How Can Dental Staffing Agencies Help Streamline  Staffing

Dental staffing agencies are crucial to the growth and sustainability of dental practices. They ensure that a dental staffing strategy is carefully constructed and executed. Moreover, they provide dental practices with an extensive network of highly experienced and talented resources. Depending on the services or qualifications needed, dental practices can rely on dental staffing agencies to ensure that they are appropriately staffed.

How to Implement a Permanent Dental Staffing Strategy

Assessing Staffing Needs and Practice Culture

With the help of a permanent dental staffing strategy, you can ensure that each and every consideration of your recruitment process is documented and managed. From job roles and descriptions to onboarding processes, a strategy can make the recruitment process more intentional and, in doing so, much more effective.

Understanding the Current Staffing Requirements

Creating a permanent dental staffing strategy starts with understanding the needs of your dental practice. Dental staffing agencies help evaluate the staffing requirements and cultural needs of the dental practice to better meet the long-term objectives of the organization. This also helps the organization plan for the retention of its resources.

Identifying Gaps in the Recruitment Strategy

It is important to identify the gaps in the organizational structure and determine what kind of skills each role requires to create accurate job descriptions. When hiring for different roles, this checklist will help recruiters match candidates to the practice and the role effectively. So if you’re on the hunt for a team player, this is what we would focus on.

How to Achieve Long-Term Goals and Prepare for Growth

Creating a permanent dental staffing strategy is an essential part of working toward your long-term goals. If you wish to see your dental practice grow and expand, offering services and accommodating a larger volume of patients, then you need to have a plan for staffing. As your business grows, you will need more resources to manage more patients, and having a reliable pool of candidates is how you sustain this growth. Hiring a dental staffing agency and outsourcing recruitment can help you shift your focus to scaling your practice and taking care of your patients.

How to Craft Job Descriptions and Candidate Profiles

How to Implement a Permanent Dental Staffing Strategy

Job descriptions are an important tool at the disposal of recruiters because they help attract the right talent. If you have a role that needs to be filled, then you need a job description that details the qualifications required, as well as some information on the organizational culture.

Defining Clear Job Roles and Responsibilities for Permanent Dental Staff Positions

A job description is your opportunity to share necessary information with the candidate, but it is important not to overload them with details. The job description should be as clear as possible because this allows you to find candidates that are best suited to the organization’s needs.

You can check out some of the job openings here to get a better understanding of what a job description should look like.

Outlining Desired Skills, Qualifications, and Personality Traits

Creating candidate profiles will help the recruiters understand what you need from a desired candidate. This includes personality traits, skills, educational background and more. This works as a checklist for recruiters when they are interviewing candidates for different job roles.

Ensuring Alignment of Job Descriptions and Practice Culture

Having the right skills and experience is not enough. When you hire a candidate, it’s crucial to consider how well they fit with the team’s overall dynamic. In order to attract such a candidate, it is important to convey the values, mission, and culture of the dental practice early on. This will help you find a candidate who fits well with your team and, in doing so, lowers turnover rates over time.

Recruitment Strategies and Talent Sourcing

Permanent dental staffing requires strategic talent sourcing, which dental staffing agencies specialize in providing. With the help of a dental staffing agency, it is possible to find top talent and expand your dental practice in the process with a highly optimized recruitment strategy.

Top Recruitment Channels to Attract Candidates

A permanent dental staffing strategy must cover the following channels to ensure that you have a larger pool of talented candidates to pick from.

  • Online job boards: 

Posting on job boards can help you find active job seekers and streamline the hiring process.

  • Social media platforms: 

This is another great way to get in touch with potential candidates and promote job openings.

  • Professional networks: 

Networking is a great way to connect with potential candidates, especially passive job seekers.

  • Referrals: 

Asking for employee referrals is also a great way to hire for roles that are automatically a cultural fit.

Hire a Dental Staffing Agency for Candidate Sourcing

Dental staffing agencies provide dental practices with a large pool of candidates, and with more options, effective placement of candidates is more likely. With a wide range of qualified candidates at your disposal, you never have to worry about your dental practice being understaffed or your patients being unsatisfied.

Dental staffing agencies can take much of the recruitment workload off your shoulders. They can conduct preliminary screenings, take tests, and assessments as well as onboard the candidate. They also manage all the paperwork associated with the hiring process.

Evaluating and Adjusting the Staffing Strategy

Once you have a permanent dental staffing strategy in place, it is time to implement it. The overall efficiency of the strategy can only be determined once you put it to use and see how it is working. Whether it is monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) or gathering feedback, there is a lot that you can learn about the strategy from its implementation. Most importantly, identify areas for improvement in the strategy.

Monitoring the Effectiveness of the Permanent Dental Staffing Strategy 

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 

A great way to gauge if the permanent dental staffing strategy is working is by looking at the level of job satisfaction and retention rate. So, if you are seeing new employees stay and grow in their roles, you can call that a win.

Patient Feedback & Satisfaction

Patients are of utmost importance when it comes to any strategy or policy implemented by the dental practice. Therefore, it matters how they feel about the staff. Staff interaction and overall patient satisfaction is one way to determine whether or not your staffing strategy is effective.

Soliciting Feedback to Identify Areas for Improvement

With the help of a dental staffing agency, you can elevate your evaluation of the permanent dental staffing strategy by incorporating employee surveys and professional feedback channels. This is a valuable tool for both dental professionals and dental practices.

Making Necessary Adjustments to the Staffing Strategy

Now that you have a strategy in place and mechanisms to incorporate findings, it is time to start hiring and scaling your dental practice.


If you wish to see your dental practice grow, it is essential that you create a permanent dental staffing strategy with the help of a dental staffing agency such as Mayday. This will ensure an efficient recruitment process, allowing you to increase patient satisfaction and prepare for the workload that comes with a growing business. Dental staffing agencies like Mayday offer much-needed support in the form of a diversified pool of qualified candidates from which you can choose. With their superior selection criteria, you never have to worry about finding reliable people to join your team.

If you are ready to create and implement a permanent dental staffing strategy, get in touch with Mayday so that we can guide you through this process effectively.